Swansea University
School of Psychology

Gary Freegard, Senior Technician, Software and Electronic Development
My roles mainly involve support for teaching and research projects. This generally means the creation of experiments using various programming languages and applications. Plus sometimes manufacturing of bespoke electronic devices to interface with these PC based experiments.I also provide support and advice in the use of psychophysiological measuring equipment such as EEG, ECG, SCR, NIRS, eye trackers and motion capture systems, see equipment list below.

Areas of special interest are: Python, MatLab, Arduino, micro-controllers, PC interfacing, realtime timing, PC hardware, MEMS(accelerometers/gyros), multiple thread/processor programming, electronics, object-oriented approach to programming , machine learning, quasi-random number generation (when a psychologist asks for random they never truly mean random) and VB.net. Click here for some videos of VB.net programs that I have written in the past, I now mainly create experiments using Python and now, due to COVID, I create online experiments using Javascript (on Gorilla.sc).


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