Gary Freegard, Senior Technician
My roles mainly involve support for teaching, research projects and IT. This includes designing, building and programming of bespoke electronic circuits(with microcontrollers) for experiments. I also provide support and advice in the use of psychophysiological measuring equipment such as EEG, ECG, SCR, NIRS, eyetrackers and motion capture systems(supplied by Biopac, AD Instruments, BioSemi/Besa, NeXus32, NeuroScan, SR Research, Artinis and NaturalPoint), and design/build PC based tasks written in software such as Java, JavaScript(Embedding tasks in Qualtrics), Python, Visual Basic, VB.NET, E-Prime and Opensesame.
Areas of special interest are: micro-controllers, PC interfacing, realtime timing, PC hardware, MEMS(accelerometers/gyros), multiple threads programming, electronics, object-oriented approach to programming , quasi-random number generation (when a psychologist asks for random they never truly mean random) and Click here for some videos of programs that I have written.
The following list of projects does not show any work that is necessarily directly research related, but is a list of items that I believe would help support research in the future.
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