More needs to be known in order to improve care and treatment for people before, and after, a bladder reconstruction.

We would like to invite you to take part in a study about the factors that influenced the choice of bladder reconstruction for you, and how that reconstruction has affected your life since your surgery.

We need the help of those who have undergone bladder reconstruction in order to find out which aspects of their lives influenced their choices, and how they feel their choices have affected them.

The following survey comprises three short-questionnaires, taking about 20 minutes in total, that relate to your experiences of your bladder reconstruction, your health now, and the things that are important to you.

If you choose to participate, all of the information that you provide will be completely private, confidential, and anonymous.

If you would like some further information, please feel free to contact the lead researcher, Professor Phil Reed, Swansea University – e-mail: ; Tel.: 0044 (0)1792 602047 – who will do his very best to answer your questions.

Please click the “I consent” link, below, if you would like to participate, which will take you to the questionnaires.